We all have barriers to achieving our goals at work.

  • Too many meetings
  • Poor guidance from above
  • Short timelines and shifting deadlines
  • Insufficient management support
  • Shitty coffee

The authors recommend that everyone write down the barriers obstructing them from making innovation happen. I’m calling this a “BARRIER AUDIT.” It might start to look like a gigantic list of grievances, but if you do this in a constructive and positive manner, some sort of insight should occur. A pattern should emerge, or a root cause should become evident. And if you can’t see these things right away, do a root cause analysis, or ask “why” 5 times until you distill everything on your list to its fundamental essence. There is a better word than essence but I can’t fucking think of it right now.

That’s about it as far as what’s in the book on this subject. I find that lacking. However, the barriers audit is a powerful tool and it’s worthy of your time.